If you're in the middle of a college search, chances are you're looking for a lot of information, insight, and experiences. That's why we've collected a selection of on-demand content to help you find answers to your questions quickly from the comfort of your own home.

    To find out more about F&M, just peruse the assortment of videos and information below, ranging from instructional webinars from F&M's Office of Admission, to virtual classes shared by F&M's esteemed and accomplished professors. We're excited to help you learn more about us. 


    Want to know more about F&M, but can't make it to an information session? We've got you covered! Join members of the F&M Office of Admission in this recorded version of our information session to learn more about F&M's distinctive features, and to get a peek into what makes the life of an F&M student special. 


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    Throughout the Fall, F&M partnered with colleagues from colleges and universities from across the country. Our goal: give you the insider scoop on the college search. Each of the webinars from Webinar Wednesdays are included here for your convenience. We hope you find them useful!

    BEYOND ACADEMICS: The College Essay, Interviews, Portfolios, Communications, and More!

    Join our experts as they discuss all things application, from essays to interviews to everything beyond. 

    ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Deans and Directors of Admission

    Join our panel of Deans and Directors from across the country as they share their insights into the college search and the landscape of higher education.


    ACCESS: First-Generation and Underrepresented Students

    Our panelists in this session discuss the college search for students from underrepresented or first-generational college going backgrounds.



    This session's panelists discuss the ins and outs of financial aid. Whether you are a domestic student, a global student, or are unsure about where to start with financial aid, we've got you covered.


    Getting to campus can be tricky right now. We're happy to welcome you to tour F&M's beautiful campus and all our amenities from afar, led by two veteran tour guides. 

    Pre-recorded Campus Tour


    Every Thursday, the F&M community sets aside time for Common Hour, a rotating seminar of speakers, performers, thinkers, and noteworthy figures. Free and open to the public, Common Hour is a shining example of F&M's approach to education: we learn together as a community, and in more spaces than just the classroom.

    Come see where your intellectual curiosity might lead.



    Want to learn more about F&M's excellent professors? Looking to get a taste for what a classroom setting might look like at F&M? Look no further! We've provided a selection of sample classes from our faculty members for your enjoyment. 

    Governing Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction
    with Elizabeth De Santo, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Program Chair of Environment Studies


    The Mystery of Conducting
    with Brian Norcross, Senior Director of Instrumental Music and Conducting Studies, and Teaching Professor of Music


    Wagner: The Russian Private Military Company
    with Bryan Stinchfield, Associate Professor of Organizational Studies